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Prefabricated Cabins for Modern Living

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Tinny Craft is a professional group of skilled experts, working towards offering value to its customized products and services. The company has been in the industry for over the last two decades and known for timely delivery of its projects.

With large in house facilities. All these structure are scientifically designed with all the parameters and assembled at site with great precision.

There are various kinds of modern prefabricated cabins:

Modular Cabins

Tinny craft has the best modular prefabricated cabins India, built in climate-controlled atmospheres in modules and then sent to the site for installation.

The benefits of modular cabins are:

They can minimize the construction time and can get a new home faster. Modular cabins take about a week to be constructed contrary to the site built homes that take weeks to finish. They are affordable as compared to some of the other kinds. Modular construction can be completed within a budget with No escalation as it is speedy way of construction.
In addition they are value for money.

Mobile Cabins:

These can be put on trailors can be shifted to various location instantly and ready to use infrastructure can be created.

Portable cabin manufacturer

Porta cabins are self-contained stand-alone building created in factories. They are sent to their destination in one piece for a one-day installation. The manufacturers of the cabins have a range of portable buildings of various sizes. They can be used as classrooms, prefabricated office cabins, labs, storage places and much more. Prefab house suppliers India customize the cabins at an affordable price.

Portable office container

Portable office container is perfect for an office space at a job site; they can be set up fast but should not compromise on comfort. Tinny craft has professional experts who will help with setting up of the containers.

Modern prefab cabins and portable cabins have become quite popular in the industry. They are simple in design and the prefabricated structures In India are highly affordable.