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TINNY CRAFT is a proficiently managed group of skilled professionals, striving towards one common goal of delivering value though its customized products and services.

As a group TINNY CRAFT has its presence for over last two decades. But it has been the exponential growth in Infrastructure in the new millennium that it has been able to establish its niche in the Pre-Fab industry, by delivering successful fabrications- from roof top rooms to double storey sites in hilly areas, from guard cabins to luxury cottages etc…

The ideology at TINNY CRAFT is to provide complete Portable Solutions, thus dealing in a wide variety of materials and allied goods helping not only to deliver a wide umbrella of products, but also to tailor its solutions to varied business and household needs.

TINNY CRAFT’s ability to understand its clients and having a open minded approach to new ideas with continuous effort towards innovation and product development has been the key to its meeting the expectations and satisfaction of its clients.

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