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Porta Cabin Manufacturer in Mumbai, Delhi

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Porta Cabins, classified as temporary structures, have the biggest advantage of mobility, reusability, without reducing its durability. Porta Cabin offered by TINNY CRAFT our durable, insulated and reusable.

The portable cabins are available in various shapes and sizes, can be used to create large spaces at reasonable cost.

These with this type of construction various utility structures can be created i.e. site office, conference staff accommodation, clubhouses, schools, hospitals, storage units and much more.

Prefab Structure has gained popularity and acceptability in government and private sectors due to its cost-effectiveness, utility portability along with reusability.

    Often used for:

  • Site Offices
  • Guest House
  • Temporary Rooms
  • Store House
  • Farm House
  • Cottages


  • Easy to Fix and Dismantle
  • Unlike Civil construction it is less time consuming and messy• Unlike Civil construction it is less time consuming and messy• Unlike Civil construction it is less time consuming and messy
  • Come under 'Kuchha construction', where construction is prohibited, it can installed
  • Low Maintenance


Porta cabins are ideal for all kinds of purposes and if you want to get it built by professional, then you can always get in touch with the porta cabin manufacturer in Delhi. Cabins are one of the most multipurpose structures that are highly comfortable to use.

Tinny Craft offer professional porta cabin manufacturer in Mumbai who will design and create the cabin according to your needs. The company understands their clients and has an open-minded approach to new idea with efforts towards creativity and development of products has been the backbone to meeting the needs of the clients.

Portable Cabin Manufacturer in Delhi

A portable cabin is essentially a movable cabin, usually of wooden walls, doors, windows, and even a foundation. One of the biggest benefits of having a portable cabin around is its mobility. It can provide a venue in which to perform many different types of artistic expression. There are several ways to build a cabin, and one of the easiest ways is to get in touch with Porta Cabin Manufacturer in Delhi, Mumbai, or anywhere you live.

These kinds of cabins can be built right on your property – this gives more flexibility and freedom of movement. Another advantage is that they are less expensive and take up less space than a traditional studio. There are various materials that Portable cabin manufacturers in Delhi use to make it look more elegant. If you are interested in building one yourself, there are plenty of options available for you. Fabric, tiles, metal sheets, and even cedar are all viable options.

To make your portable cabin look more authentic; it is advisable to use fabrics of some kind. Obviously, you can make your cabin better than the Porta Cabin manufacturer in Mumbai, and you must remember the specific atmosphere and region of where you are located. Another privilege of fabric is that it is more durable than many other types of materials.

One final option for constructing a portable cabin on your property is to use a metal roof system. These roof systems are constructed in much the same way that traditional cabins are assembled. As with traditional cabin construction, the roofs are typically constructed in sections and connected with tacks or nails.

The roof system then uses strong fabric along the roofline to provide additional strength. Some metal roof systems will also feature extra space under the roof system to provide a place for storage of equipment and supplies. Just in case, if you find building a cabin exhausted, you can always get in touch with a Portable cabin manufacturer in Mumbai/Delhi to build it under the supervision of professionals as it brings more reliable results.