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Security Guard Cabins

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Tinny Craft security cabins especially UPVC are a hallmark in itself. The Product has immense utility in Government , Corporates and Embassies / Commissions and now individuals keeping security person have been installing them .

As small shelter for security person protects them from ardors climatic variations . 100% waterproof / Fire resistant and it’s mobility if put on wheels make it a desired product .

Security Guard cabins are being used for several purposes like coast guards, ticketing counters, industries and residences. They are spacious with the choice of having windows and safety locks. The cabins are light in weight and withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

    Standard size :

  • 3'x3', 4'x3', 6'x4', 6'x6' or tailor made.

    Material used :

  • Wooden Profiles
  • UPVC Profiles
  • G.I. Sheets
  • Cement Fiber Board

    Insulation :

  • Available with / out.

    Addons :

  • Fan, Cooler, Settee, Cupboard, Telephone Rack as desired.